"Wait, Back up. You're Offended?"
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"Wait, Back up. You're Offended?"
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this is not a spoiler free blog. this is not a vampire diaries, delena, stiles or sterek friendly blog. Follow at your own risk

Okay, it’s 1:30 and I have to be upt at 7am. So let me get off this. Gonna catch up to a few shows when I get home. Cross your fingers that I can make it through my work shift without wanting to either cry or strangle someone.

Dear, Hollywood I Need You To Realize That There Are



  • Black vegans exist
  • Black lesbian exist
  • Black gays exist
  • Black romantics exist
  • Black people with mental disorders exist
  • Black people with eating disorders exist
  • Black people with adopted kids exist
  • Black Nerds exist

Keep the list going.

  • Black bi/pansexuals exist
  • Black asexuals exist
  • Black atheists exist
  • Blacks of various religions exist
  • Blacks existed in other historical periods (we didn’t just appear during slavery omg…)