Derek “All Eyes on Braeden” Hale

Hoechlin @ Wolfmoon Con about Draeden


About his relationship with Braeden. Now that Derek has his werewolf powers back, does he still need her? Will they continue their relationship? 
  • That’s a relationship that’s really important to him. I don’t see that going away. He’d be such a douche-bag if he just left now.”
Why was he so easily trusting of someone he barely knew?
  • She had many opportunities to betray him right from the start, so he thinks that Derek started to trust her because she had a common goal, she wanted to help him and stuck with it. “It was an easy thing for him to see in her. Not right away, but eventually…. They’re there for each other, comforting each other. We’ve been through something together. He doesn’t need to go to others anymore, he has her…. Derek needs a strong, independent girl.”



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I’m gunna teach you how to bend”


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I’m protecting my investment.

I do not accept goodbye.

"I do not accept goodbye, leftenant"